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Building Repairs

Pacific Builders offer Building repairs service across Sydney and Melbourne.

Pacific provides general repairs for various component of the building, we can do just about any job you need to do around your building.

  • fixing the roof
  • hanging a door
  • Wall patching
  • Fixing floor
  • New Floors
  • Building Repairs

Expansion Joins

At Pacific we use different materials for expansion joins, the use of different types of materials responses to changing loads, temperatures and moisture contents will lead to size differences between them.

Repair Cement Render

At Pacific we will inspect the render by tapping the area of render and will identify whether the render is drummy and needs repairing.

This means the render is no longer bonded to the wall behind. If it has blown, it appears to bulge and should be broken away carefully to remove all loose render. Brush away any loose dust and widen the area around the edge with the point of a trowel or old screwdriver to improve the bond before applying new render.

Repair Flashing

Water leakage through building walls continues to be the single largest cause for construction problems in new buildings.

As investigative and design consultants, we see the same types of problems from project to project. The root of most water penetration problems is the lack of integration and coordination between the waterproofing elements of the various components within wall assemblies. This problem exists within the “gray” areas or transition spaces where one building element or wall assembly (such as a window or glass/metal curtain wall) terminates and another building element (such as a masonry wall) begins. Although these transition areas constitute a relatively small surface area of the building wall, they cause the bulk of wall leakage problems.

Building Repairs

Safety Standards

pacific builders Employees and sub-contractors follow strict safety standards in accordance with our Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management Procedures. We use a range of Elevated Work platforms and access equipments.

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